Nesmuk turns cutting into a sensual experience. With the choice of blade steel and handle materials, perfect workmanship and intuitive handling, Nesmuk knives try their best at the classic symbiosis of form and function. The unique selling point is the sharpness. Technological innovations are not an end in themselves with Nesmuk knives - because this is the only way to achieve timeless functionality.

Nesmuk SOUL
Im Klingendesign, in der Schneidleistung, in der Ausgewogenheit zwischen Schärfe und Standzeit, spiegelt sich die "Seele" dieses Messertyps optimal wider. Die Besonderheit der Kollektion SOUL ist die einzigartige Legierung des Klingenstahls.

Nesmuk JANUS
The Nesmuk JANUS combines Nesmuk's craftsmanship and many years of experience with the most modern materials and production methods. The special feature of the JANUS collection is the high-quality DLC coating.

Hardly any other knife reflects the origin and stability of craftsmanship as clearly as Nesmuk's handmade knives. The production of a Nesmuk EXKLUSIV knife takes up to four dozen steps.

In addition to the classic collections, the manufactory repeatedly produces strictly limited editions with special blades and unique handle materials, which are very precious, rare and elaborate in their processing.

The name Nesmuk symbolizes craftsmanship at the highest level - in the manufactory, masters from a wide range of disciplines work together to create unique creations.