Limited to 70 knives

The German Basic Law was ratified on 23 May 1949. Its 19 fundamental rights articles regulate the fundamental human, freedom and protection rights of every human being in our country.
We at Nesmuk greatly appreciate our democratic, liberal order and have therefore issued a limited edition to mark the 70th anniversary of the Basic Law.
The idea came in collaboration with the star chef and Nesmuk Respect Ambassador, Anthony Sarpong, who is working on the Petersberg near Bonn as the new culinary director. Our Basic Law was signed by Konrad Adenauer 70 years ago at this place steeped in history. 

The handle material is made of natural rosewood, a reminiscence of Konrad Adenauer, the first German Chancellor and rose lover. 

On the highly polished stainless steel ferrule you will find the respective limitation number as well as the years of ratification and anniversary.

The Basic Law "at the cutting edge" symbolizes the ongoing dispute and negotiation process over our democratic and constitutional rights.

 After the Weimar imperial constitution and the devastating period of German National Socialism, the parliamentary council cut off the old customs with this new constitution and clearly committed itself to a united Europe and peace in the world. (Preamble to the Basic Law) 

The achievements of the last seven decades must not be seen as simple, we must do something about them. That is why part of the proceeds from the sale of the 70 knives goes to a project* that promotes democracy. In doing so, we are seizing the opportunity and sending out a signal for democracy, pluralism, the inviolability of human dignity and for the rule of law.