10 years of Nesmuk
at the Solingen site

For a decade, we have been proudly and devotedly producing first-class chef's knives at our Solingen site, which have become indispensable tools in many kitchens, not only in Germany but all over the world.

Our mission to combine quality, craftsmanship and design was only possible because of your loyal support and trust in our products. With each and every knife that leaves our manufactory, the appreciation and positive feedback of our customers resonates with us, spurring us on every day to become even better.

Our 10-year
anniversary bundle

On the occasion of our 10th anniversary in the city of blades, Solingen, we have put together an exclusive starter set for you:
The Nesmuk strop is an essential accessory for anyone who loves and appreciates their knives. Whether you are a professional chef or simply like to experiment in your kitchen, this strop will ensure that your knives are always in top shape.

Chef's knife 180
The outstanding cutting properties of our chef's knives cannot be achieved with conventional stainless steel grades. We therefore developed a very special type of steel machining that ensures unmatched sharpness while maintaining durability. Unusually thin-ground blades and precision craftsmanship: this is how we create some of the lightest and sharpest knives in the world.


Anniversary Bundle JANUS
JANUS chef's knife 180 + strop
from 610€ (instead of 670€)
Only for a short time!

Anniversary bundle SOUL
SOUL chef's knife 180 + strop
from 510€ (instead of 570€)
Only for a short time!

10 reasons
for a Nesmuk knife

One of the sharpest and lightest knives in the world.

Wide range of customization options.
We can fulfill almost any wish.

We believe that passion and dedication are the keys to exceptional craftsmanship. Our team lives these values every day.

Durable products, through the use of the best materials and innovative processes.

Care products perfectly matched to the cutting performance

Made for eternity - High quality products that you can perpetuate.

Our maxim - quality knows no compromise.

100% handmade - Made in Germany.

Sophisticated, functional design for
precise and fatigue-free work.

High recognition value - the highlight in every kitchen.

10 chefs
10 recipes

For a decade, we at Nesmuk have been proud to produce high-quality and exclusive chef's knives that ignite the passion for cooking in every kitchen. To mark this special occasion, we would like to introduce you to 10 of our talented brand ambassadors. Each of them is a professional in the culinary world, from renowned star chefs to emerging talents.

Our ambassadors have put together a selection of unusual and special recipes for you to try. Immerse yourself in the world of gourmet food and discover the culinary creations. We wish you much pleasure in cooking and enjoying!


Club Steak with BBQ Varnish | French Fries au Gratin | Bacon Bean


Sardine | Mild Pepperoni | Styrian Seviche | Hot Gherkin


Pulled Beef Neck | Alabama White Sauce | Apple | Horseradish | Apple Blossoms


Saddle of venison with pepper cherries

Source: lvffood.com

Tartar of pasture-raised beef | sour cream | caviar


Dorade Royal | Ponzu | Gapefruit


Spicy chicken soup | coconut | coriander


Porterhouse Steak | BBQ Salza | Porcini Tomato Butter

Photo/Video Source: agrippinastudios

Jollof rice

Source: Daniel Esswein


Melon | Tarragon | Lime | Sheep cheese

10 years of Nesmuk
in Solingen

We are celebrating a decade of innovation, quality and passion in the production of exclusive and unique chef's knives at our Solingen site. Since our founding, we have worked tirelessly to push the boundaries of design and craftsmanship. Our timeline illustrates this journey and highlights the milestones that have distinguished and shaped our manufactory.


Foundation in Wunstorf


Move to Solingen

2014 -

Development of our NPC coating for our Damascus Knives
with Fraunhofer Institute


Market launch Steak knife



Market launch of all EXKLUSIV variants of the
office knife and the Chinese Chef's Knife.


Market launch of the chef's knife 240 and
of the C90 Slicer 260.