Nesmuk resharpening service

Due to the demanding steels, the resharpening service takes significantly longer than for knives made of conventional steels. We use special abrasives to effectively and gently process the resistant steels.

Our employees in production have almost the same effort as the first sharpening of each knife.

Our promise:

We pay attention to an excellent sharpening result and take the necessary time for it.


Nesmuk resharpening service

Professional and gentle removal of the cutting edge, repositioning of the cutting edge in case of chipping or nicks, *Oiling of the handle (*only for open-pored woods, bog oak, olive, walnut, karel. curly birch, zebrano)

Price Per Knife: 18€ plus shipping

Nesmuk Resharpening Service Plus+

Professional and gentle removal of the cutting edge, resetting of the cutting edge in case of chipping or nicks, as well as complete refurbishing of the handle (resharpening of handle and ferrule, removal of scratches and damage, oiling and polishing of the handle).

Price Per knife: 26€ plus shipping

Frequently asked questions

How does the ordering process work?

1. order a resharpening service
2. Please pack your cleaned Nesmuk neatly and securely. We recommend shipping in the original Nesmuk box
3. Send the package to our factory:
Nesmuk GmbH & Co. KG
Burgstraße 101
42655 Solingen

When will I get my knife back?

You will get your knife back within 2 - 3 weeks.

Are knives of other brands also sharpened?

No, unfortunately this is not possible for technical reasons. We sharpen only Nesmuk knives in our manufactory.

Why do knives need to be sharpened?

Any knife, no matter how durable, will become dull with use over time. That is why we recommend regular polishing of the cutting edge with fine sharpening products such as our Strop. This maintains the sharpness with little effort and delays the dulling of your knife.

Why have discolorations formed on my SOUL knife?

Discoloration on the Soul blade can result from the knife not being cleaned and dried again immediately after use. The niobium steel that Nesmuk uses in Soul contains far less chrome than conventional knives, which results in less rust inertia (no brown rust, mostly spots or mist-like patina). By omitting chrome, the blade is much tougher, harder, and therefore sharper. On the other hand, it is important that you clean the knife after use and then dry it directly


For the material, these discolorations have no negative impact, it is only cosmetic. To remove the stains, we recommend commercially available cleaning stone. This will not scratch the blade or anything similar. Cleaning stone can be purchased in almost any supermarket or drugstore or on the Internet.

At what angle are Nesmuk knives ground?

All knives are ground at an angle of approx. 15 degrees. Due to the processing by hand, small deviations may occur.

Can the bread knife also be resharpened?

Due to the serrated edge, the bread knife can not be resharpened. Due to the special arrangement of the serrations on the Nesmuk bread knife blade, it remains sharp almost permanently.

Can I resharpen my Nesmuk knives myself?

Yes, you can also resharpen your Nesmuk knives at home. The best tool for this is our Sharpening rod and for the final polish our Strop.