Handmade 100%
Made in Germany

Nesmuk manufactures the Damascus steels of the EXCLUSIVE series itself. This is how we achieve the best material quality for unsurpassed sharpness and durability. Dozens of work steps and many years of experience are necessary to be able to complete such a knife.

Every Nesmuk is a tangible commitment to tradition,
innovation and perfection. Made in Germany,
created for eternity.

The best is standard at Nesmuk

In our manufactory, old craftsmanship and modern technologies are combined to create movement design in perfection: The knife as a functional product between
craftsmanship and art.


Craftsmanship at
highest level.

Quality, functionality
and attention to detail

The long development of our own products is the consequence of our
uncompromising demand for quality. This is the only way to create functional hand tools of high aesthetics and for the highest demands. The best is the standard at Nesmuk.
And the best needs one thing above all: time.

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about Nesmuk

In the "Gastrosophical Podcast" by Nikolai Wojtko and Irmin Wiechmann, Stephan Borchert (Managing Director, Nesmuk) talks about damask steel, the history of Nesmuk, goals and much more.  

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manufactory up close and personal