Cutting becomes a sensual experience with the high-quality chef's knives from Nesmuk.

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Janus chef's knife 180 - Edition "Pink Ribbon

Mit dieser auf 100 Stück limitierten Edition unterstützt Nesmuk „Pink Ribbon“ - die deutsche Brustkrebshilfe. Nur noch wenige Messer verfügbar!

Handle material: Juma pink, highly polished ferrule.

Limitation number: 1|100-2022 to 100|100-2022 and Pink Ribbon logo laser engraved on ferrule.

100,00 Euro per knife will be donated to the organization.

The chef's knife for the big jobs.

The 24 cm long blade made of our high-performance steel with niobium content is ideally suited for cutting vegetables, even hard vegetables such as pumpkin and cabbage heads can be processed with little effort. It also brings the necessary sharpness and precision for portioning and cutting meat and fish in addition to the increased blade length.
Coming soon in the series SOUL and JANUS available.

Hand forged knives as a functional product on the border between craft
and art.

Nesmuk develops and manufactures high-quality chef's knives of extreme sharpness, using the best types of steel, materials and technologies that have never been used before in the cutlery industry.


Learn. Become better.
Use resources and materials consciously.

This is what connects Nesmuk
top chefs around the world.


Each Nesmuk knife stands for itself as the end point of an evolution in thought and craftsmanship.


Matching accessories of the highest quality.

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