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Genussloft by Nesmuk

10 years of Nesmuk in

Hand forged knives as a functional product on the border between craft
and art.

Nesmuk develops and manufactures high-quality chef's knives of extreme sharpness, using the best types of steel, materials and technologies that have never been used before in the cutlery industry.

Those who pursue their passion with dedication quickly learn what is important: respect

This is what connects Nesmuk
top chefs around the world.


Each Nesmuk knife stands for itself, as the end point of an evolution in thought and craftsmanship. - The Nesmuk steak knives and folders retain their sharpness even when in contact with porcelain.

The chef's knife for the big jobs.

Nesmuk chef's knife 240 is perfect tool for any outdoor kitchen. During the barbecue season and beyond. The 24 cm long blade made of patented niobium steel is ideal for perfect portioning and preparation of fish, meat and vegetables. No challenge is too great for this knife.
Available as SOUL and JANUS. Outstanding quality for a unique grilling experience.


Matching accessories of the highest quality.

Our product highlights

Exclusive C150
Chef's knife 180
5.000 €

Slicer 160
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Chef's knife 180
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