Unique and
limited editions

Nesmuk is a manufactory in the original sense of the word: no mass-produced goods are made here, but knives of the highest quality are traditionally crafted with a great deal of passion and handwork. Since every single knife is made by hand with the utmost precision anyway, extraordinary creations can always be created from the combination of steel, precious woods, precious metals and gemstones - the Nesmuk one-offs and limited editions.

Our unique pieces and
limited editions

EXCLUSIVE chef's knife C150

Limited Edition "Pink Ribbon", 100 pieces
JANUS chef's knife 180

EXCLUSIVE C100 Edition 2022 - maple burl, 22 pieces
Chef's knife 180

Limited Edition "Elm Burl", 30 pieces
JANUS chef's knife 180

EXCLUSIVE C150 - Finest platinum ferrule, 25 diamonds
Chef's knife 180

EXCLUSIVE C100 - 750 gold ferrules, 6 diamonds
Chef's knife 180

EXCLUSIVE C100 - solid 750 gold ferrule, 12 diamonds.
Chef's knife 180

Unique EXCLUSIVE Folder - white gold, 166 diamonds
Folder, drop damask
Price on request

Unique EXCLUSIVE Folder - Falcon Eye
Folder, torsion damascus
6.400€, sold

Unique EXCLUSIVE C150 - Diamond-tipped silver handle
Chef's knife 180

Unique EXCLUSIVE C100 - 833 layers, multi-lane torsion damascus.
Chef's knife 180
4.500€, sold

Unique EXCLUSIVE C150 - 12,097 layers
Chef's knife 180
8.000€, sold

Unique EXCLUSIVE C150 - 6.657 layers
Chef's knife 180
7.500€, sold