Care instructions for
Nesmuk knives

Nesmuk knives glide effortlessly through the material to be cut, whether you are pulling or pushing. Weighing, chopping, filleting, paring are all child's play, as all knife types are balanced and light.
Avoid sliding the blade scabbard sideways over the base. Do not jam the blade in the cutting surface or in hard material to be cut. Avoid hard contacts on bones or similar as well as unnecessary pressure when cutting. These types of use will cause the blades to dull quickly.


Cutting pads

Do not cut on surfaces harder than the blade steel. No glass, stone, ceramic or similar. This will dull the knife. We recommend wood, preferably face wood from woods such as German oak or with a high content of tannic acid, as this has an antibacterial effect.

The right cleaning

Do not clean your Nesmuk knife in the dishwasher. Clean the blade under hot running water with dishwashing detergent and dry well afterwards. Do not use cleaning agents that contain abrasives. This will cause scratches on the blade. We recommend using textile cloths, brushes or sponges without abrasives.

Do not leave the wooden handles always water. Dry them well after cleaning. From time to time it is recommended to oil dulled wood.

Nesmuk knife resharpening

For the care and maintenance of sharpness we recommend the Nesmuk strop and for dull blades to restore sharpness, we recommend the Nesmuk Sharpening rod.

In addition, you can also have your Nesmuk knife resharpened at our Nesmuk manufactory.

Specifications of
Nesmuk collections

Nesmuk SOUL

The patented blade steel with the rare element niobium makes Nesmuk knives particularly sharp and gives you greater resistance and therefore a longer service life. However, due to its special composition, this steel is not completely corrosion resistant and tends to tarnish. This is completely harmless to health and can be partially removed by polishing. We recommend not to leave your SOUL in acidic or salty liquids and to rinse and dry it after use.
The Nesmuk Steak and Table Knife SOUL and the Nesmuk Folder SOUL are suitable for use on harder surfaces due to their special purpose as cutlery knives. Due to the adapted design, only the tip of the knife makes contact when used correctly, and the cutting edge therefore remains sharp for a very long time. Here, too, hard contacts of the cutting edge should be avoided.

Nesmuk JANUS

The distinctive feature of the JANUS series is the black DLC coating on the blade. Diamond like Carbon refers to a pure carbon layer that is created in a very complex process. Carbon atoms are shot onto the blade surface and form a hard, black layer of pure carbon that is chemically inert. This makes the blades of the Janus series not only visually special, but also technically. They have a higher surface hardness and are completely resistant to acids, salts and other chemical influences.

Abrasives such as silicon carbide are often used in household cleaning sponges. These are capable of damaging the DLC coating. Therefore, do not generally use cleaning agents that contain abrasives. A damaged coating no longer protects against corrosion.


Hand-forged damask knives usually require extensive care to prevent them from rusting. All Nesmuk EXCLUSIVE knives are finished with the exclusive NPC coating (Nesmuk Protective Coating). NPC is a silicon coating only a few micrometers thick, which is applied by means of microwave-generated plasmas and permanently preserves the blade. The cutting edge of the knife is not coated and can therefore tarnish and, if not cared for, rust. Therefore, do not leave your Nesmuk EXKLUSIV in liquids for too long. Rinse and dry your knife after use.
We recommend regularly sharpening the edge with a suitable, fine sharpener such as the Nesmuk strop. This maintains the sharpness and protects against tarnishing or rusting of the edge. We recommend maintaining the blade from time to time with an acid-free oil, such as our camellia oil.