Nesmuk resharpening service

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VAT included

18 € per knife plus shipping costs

Professional and gentle removal of the cutting edge, repositioning of the cutting edge in case of chipping or nicks, *Oiling of the handle (*only for open-pored woods, bog oak, olive, walnut, karel. curly birch, zebrano)

What do I have to do when I have paid?

After a successful order process, send us your knife including your order confirmation of the re-sharpening service:

Nesmuk GmbH & Co. KG
Burgstraße 101
42655 Solingen

How should I pack the knife?

At best, send us your knife in its original packaging. If you no longer have it, please make sure that the knife is securely packed and non-slip. 

When will I get my knife back?

You will receive your knife back usually within 2 - 3 weeks.