Through the sound culinary training of Alexander (the first trained chef in the family tradition after 400 years) and his exclusive experiences in Baiersbronn, Golling, Wartenberg and most recently in Munich's Tantris, he completes the path from agriculture to butchery and inn to the restaurant & inn of upscale cuisine, which focuses on top quality and top products from the region. He has since been supported by his wife, Sandra Huber.

In 2012 Alexander Huber was accepted into Jeunes Restaurateurs Germany and in May 2013 the 12th generation Lilli Anna (the sunshine of the family) was born, the eighty-third scion of the Huber family. And since 2017, Alexander Huber has been managing the Huberwirt, together with Sandra Huber.



Why did you become a chef?

"Through the family tradition is probably already a bit of the way predetermined Without that it was imposed on me, I realized early on that dealing with food but also with guests is exactly mine. I could never imagine anything else through my childhood in the inn."


What is the most beautiful thing about your job?

"The handling of food and the feeling of making people happy through my food. But I also love the craft of cooking, The culinary arts, the flavors - it just inspires me every day."


How important is sustainability in upscale cuisine?

"First - I think sustainability is not a trend but a way of life that is desirable for all of us. Sustainability plays a big role in my kitchen and has for years."


What does respect for food mean to you?

"Everything - without it, you can't cook well, but you can't live well either. But you should also have respect for the craft in general. For me, both the contact with producers but also knowing and appreciating their products is important!"


Which Nesmuk knife is your favorite and why?

"I love my first Janus with bog oak handle this I have now for 11 years and should be one from the beginning of Nesmuk. I cherish the knife every day."

Why are good tools so important in your profession?

"What applies in my kitchen / restaurant Quality and respect are paramount! Of course, this also applies to my tools."


How do you bring sustainability to your

"This has to be carried through from front to back and starts with the producers. Dealing with employees and setting an example of sustainability is certainly the top priority. Regionality, environmentally conscious actions, local products of the highest quality and use according to the seasons are other activities that must be listed.

I think you just have to embrace your home with all the products and circumstances then you're already living a bit sustainably."


What makes Nesmuk knives different from others you've worked with before?

"A lot - The shape, weight and sharpness. Plus, the knives look pretty darn cool!"

One Michelin star

The Huberwirt is pure inn cult, spiced up with culinary, musical and cabaret events in a traditional, stylish ambience. A piece of culture combined with Bavarian cordiality and good service. 400 years of family tradition are also 400 years of inn history and these make the Huberwirt a small piece of Bavarian culture.

Alexander Huber obtains his goods exclusively from selected producers from the region around Pleiskirchen or from top suppliers of the top gastronomy. In the kitchen, the quality of the goods is paramount: meat and sausage products are made in the in-house butchery and all dishes are prepared from foods that are made from basic ingredients themselves.

Alexander Huber's distinctive quality thinking never lets him tire. He is always on the lookout for new specialties and products.