Florian bird

As a trained chef, he has already completed several renowned stations. Among them e.g. the restaurant Dallmayr**, the Atelier im Bayerischen Hof**, the restaurant Königshof* and the gourmet restaurant Christian Bau*** to name just a few.

Since April 2015, the native of Friesland enriches the team of the castle restaurant Camers* with exciting and new creations and enchants the guests daily with his cuisine anew. As a perfectionist, it is his concern to conjure up the perfect dish on every guest's plate: "I don't just love the organic food from Gut Eichethof. I love food in general. And I like to refine them or think about what story these works of art of nature can tell. And how nature has gifted us with the most diverse varieties."


Why did you become a chef?

"My first contact with the culinary profession was during an internship in my school years. After that, it was quickly clear to me that my school-leaving qualification would be followed by training as a chef. However, this did not stop me from completing further voluntary internships, which solidified my decision. I already discovered my love for the profession during my apprenticeship. I was fortunate in my training period to work independently and "cook a fixed post."

What is the most beautiful thing about your job?

"The diversity and the different opportunities that this profession brings. A chef has the whole world at his disposal.

Making guests happy with what you can get out of food."

How important is sustainability in upscale cuisine?

"Very important! In my eyes, the upscale gastronomy has a role model function and should also face up to this responsibility. But of course this doesn't only apply to the upscale gastronomy."

How do you bring sustainability to
your restaurant?

"We process, for example, woods from our own forest, we process self-sown herbs, plants and flowers. We get vegetables, beef and pork, chicken and turkey, among other things, from the castle's own Eichethof estate. We try to use the product as a whole.

But we also make our own tofu from our own soybeans, for example."

Which Nesmuk knife is your favorite and why?

"The slicer knife - it is very versatile. I use it for filleting fish, portioning meat, cutting vegetables - it is optimal for the various cutting techniques.

And then there's the saw knife as well as the chef's knife, which are next on my list."

Why are good tools so important in your profession?

"On the one hand, it brings time savings that should not be underestimated; on the other hand, ergonomics are of great importance: good hand tools fit well in the hand, so work can be done for a long time without fatigue; uniform pressure can be applied; the mouthfeel of the food being processed changes for the better."

What inspires you?

"Nature, foreign countries and cultures, my environment: family and friends, and last but not least, food itself."

What does respect
for food mean to you?

"For me, respect for food is firmly linked to its handling. Food should be handled sparingly and with appreciation. For me, this includes not only the maximum utilization of a product, but also the appropriate price. We have a great responsibility towards food and living beings!

During the pandemic, we helped out at our organic farm, Gut Eichethof. The work there grounded you immensely. When you process what you've grown yourself and follow the path from seed to harvest, for example, you see what goes into a product. Then to refine this product.....there is hardly anything more beautiful, it fills you with pride!"


Camers Castle Restaurant

The philosophy of "Gut Eichenhof", from which the food is sourced, focuses on ecology, autonomy, sustainability and the pursuit of the highest quality. Florian Vogel's skills regularly impress the testers from Gault & Millau and the Guide Michelin. They have awarded him with an outstanding 15 points and one star, respectively.

The interior of the restaurant is clearly structured, looks calm and warm. The stylish and soothing atmosphere is underlined by natural materials such as wood and natural tones. In summer, the beautifully located roof terrace is used for enjoyable moments.