Frederic Morel

Morel's culinary adventure began in the impressive halls of the Lycée Hotelier de Dinard in picturesque Brittany. In 2008, he was drawn to the idyllic hills of Stow-on-the-Wold at Wyck Hill House. But the winds of change soon blew again, leading him to the Michelin-starred Lords Of The Manor, under the deft hand of Mattew Weedon. But a yearning for Brittany and the reputation of the renowned L'auberge Des Glazicks, crowned with two Michelin stars, made him return in 2010.

But Morel's gastronomic journey was far from over. A brief stint in the snowy Alps of Switzerland, followed by an intense period in Germany, honed his skills. First, he stood alongside Thomas Martin at the luxurious Hotel Louis C. Jacob in Hamburg, which proudly bore two Michelin stars. Then, as a culmination, he learned from Joachim Wissler at the opulent Restaurant Vendome, hidden within the walls of the Grandhotel Schloss Bensberg.

In 2014, he put his stamp on Se7en Oceans in Hamburg - first as right-hand man, then as main man, and the accolades were not long in coming. A Michelin star soon shone above his name.

But the biggest chapter was yet to come. In 2018, Morel announced that he would return to the place that had won his wife's heart. Together, they dreamed of a place of their own, and that dream came true at the Coeur D'Artichaut restaurant in Münster. A quick star followed in just four and a half months, and by 2023, two Michelin stars shone there.


Cœur D'Artichaut
2 Michelin stars

At CœurD'Artichaut we offer a unique cuisine in a living room atmosphere from the best products. Traditional and modern. Regional and cosmopolitan. Seasonal and fermented. Fresh and matured. A menu instead of à la carte. The best ingredients in optimal preparation. Breton influence meets Westphalian ingredients and Creole spices.