"What do you want to be when you grow up?" I already answered this question as a toddler with shining eyes: Baker! It is my vocation and passion. I am still fascinated by the craft today. I am a master organic baker because I see it as my social responsibility, a meaningful job that fulfills me. In this way, I make a valuable contribution and have committed myself in a kind of code to using unadulterated raw materials. It is important to me to illustrate the quality of good bread from controlled organic farming, to emphasize the value of manual work and to promote traditional bakers. Because I grew up on a Demeter farm, fair food in organic quality is a matter of course for me. I want to pass on that knowledge and my experience."


Why did you become a baker?

Even as a child, baker was my dream job. The smell of freshly baked bread is so sensually intoxicating and takes me, like many, back to childhood. This is very valuable because it creates emotions that are attached to my products, like their fragrance.

What is the most beautiful thing about your job?

To create from flour, water and salt something natural that tastes and does good to people. For me, this creative process is the most beautiful and fills us all with well-being, every day.

How important is sustainability in the upscale bakery?

Conscious use of finite resources, whether raw materials or energy. Valuable items that are not sold find a new way to be used as raw materials so that they are not lost.

For me, this also describes the holistic cycle of life and has more in common with humility than with elevation.


What does respect for food mean to you?

Gratitude that nature gives us such rich and diverse gifts.
That is a miracle, if you look closer.

We should reflect this holistically and therefore only ingredients that come from sustainable cultivation and have been created with respectful expertise enter our bakery.

Which Nesmuk knife is your favorite and why?

Of course, the bread knife! But in the end, all NESMUK's have their meaning, because you don't dance in rubber boots at the wedding. O.K. - you can do, but you don't have to, unless it's a theme party.

So I have the right NESMUK at the right time for every application.

Why are good tools so important in your profession?

Because here the human being with his knowledge and skills is still in the center. We make the difference through handwork as a manufactory, just like NESMUK itself. By the way, also a reason why we fit so well together.

How do you bring sustainability to your

The conscious choice of partners with whom we work makes the cake round. In addition, we involve the entire team in the creation process, which ultimately creates a holistic sense of the valuable products that are communicated to the customer. Our customers notice this very quickly and build trust, because the positive energy is felt is felt on the palate at the latest and this feeling of happiness creates repeat customers.

What makes Nesmuk knives different from others you've worked with before?

Design, feel, the feeling when cutting and the cut is a different, very special. I liked that very much from the first moment of physical contact. It's hard to explain, you have to try it out.

Once I have it in my hand, I don't want to stop cutting once I've started, which always excites me. This has changed a lot of things for me and proves NESMUK's technological edge in using it.

In addition, mindful ingredients also need adequate processing, so as not to destroy the energetics that are inherent in them. NESMUK complements this perfectly, like no other separation tool.

Hercules bakery

High-quality baked goods without chemical additives, industrial ready mixes, accelerators or frozen products are something special today. So I see myself as an ambassador, because the tradition and know-how must be preserved. This is what my wife Maria and I stand for. We have been running the Hercules bakery with heart and soul, commitment and passion since 2012.