Ludwig mason

Ludwig Maurer, the youngest scion of a long-established family of restaurateurs and innkeepers from Bavaria, learned the profession of chef at the age of 15. After a few stops in Germany, he trained as a hotel manager at a hotel management school and later became a state-certified chef.

Already in 2003 he comes to his culinary foster father Stefan Marquard, with whom he still has a deep friendship and for whom he has implemented many events in a leading position over 10 years. Stations were besides all over Germany also Switzerland, Denmark, Hungary, Greece, Turkey and Australia.

In 2007 Ludwig Maurer and his wife Stephanie are the first in Europe to start breeding Wagyu cattle on an organic basis. Better known as KOBE cattle, it is one of the most exclusive livestock breeds in the world. The breeding now includes over 60 animals.

He runs the catering company Ludwig Maurers MEATing Point.


Why did you become a chef?

I come from a traditional Bavarian family of restaurateurs, so it made sense for me to take this training path.

What is the most beautiful thing about your job?

Creativity and variety.

How important is sustainability in upscale cuisine?

Unfortunately, the N.... word is often used too inflationarily. But in fact it is very, very important. 

What does respect for food mean to you?

Our complete philosophy is based on respect for food, especially the ethical correct treatment of farm animals is a very big concern for us.

Which Nesmuk knife is your favorite and why?

Nesmuk Janus 18cm Ivory. The most beautiful and functional knife in my eyes. You always have the feeling that you are working with a work of art and not just a commodity.

Why are good tools so important in your profession?

Even my father said that the be-all and end-all of a craftsman is his tool. From this you can see the quality of the work. We always try
to give 100% and perfection and meticulousness are our highest standards. That is why we work with Nesmuk.


What inspires you?

Art and music.

What makes Nesmuk knives different from others you've worked with before?

That would be like trying to compare a Porsche GT3 with a VW Up.



In the over 300 year old farmhouse, a pop-up restaurant with cooking school and wagyu manufactory was created through elaborate conversion measures. The opening took place in summer 2016.

In addition to Maurer, other top chefs such as Tim Mälzer, Roland Trettl, Thomas Bühner and Harald Wohlfahrt will do the honors and cook their signature menus. Accompanied by top sommeliers such as Justin Leone, Romana Echensperger or Natalie Lumpp.

In 2020, the Beef, BBQ & Wine Boutique STOI SHOP was also opened on the farm. The range includes delicatessen, meat, wine, delicatessen and everything related to BBQ & Grill. A webshop also went online in 2020.