Robin Pietsch was born in Blankenburg in 1988 and grew up in the beautiful blossom town on the Harz Mountains.
In 2004, Robin completed an apprenticeship as a confectioner in Wernigerode, 10km away. Under state guild master of confectioners, Michael Wiecker, Robin worked in the café of the same name. In 2007, he continued his training as a chef in Ilsenburg, also only 15 km away. Afterwards Robin cooked among other things at the side of Rene Bobzin (1 Michelin Star/ 1.Sternekoch Sachsen-Anhalt).

In 2012, the name "ZeitWerk" was born. Here Robin and his young team cook regionally connected in a kind of living room restaurant. The "Harz" deserves more attention from a culinary point of view and under this motto, only products from local producers are put on the plates in the form of a 15-course menu. Currently, the restaurant "ZeitWerk" counts as the best restaurant in all of Sachen-Anhalt.

In 2019, Robin opened his second restaurant: "PIETSCH". Clear. Straightforward. Intense. A "counter service" restaurant with clear flavor lines, intense aromas, and premium product quality. Coupled with perfection and aesthetics as well as dedication in every detail. With only 14 seats, Robin Pietsch's team guarantees a special evening with thoughtful dishes that never overwhelm, but always present themselves in balanced harmony.



Why did you become a chef?

I was somewhat influenced by my family and during my training as a confectioner I already realized that this profession suits me and that it is exactly what I want.


What is the most beautiful thing about your job?

The variety, the interaction with guests and the teamwork in my restaurants.


How important is sustainability in upscale cuisine?

Acting sustainably should not only be a principle in upscale gastronomy, but a credo of all. We order the majority of our ingredients in the immediate vicinity of our restaurants. Inventory is mainly made by a local carpentry with regional products. Basically, sustainability not only helps nature but also saves money.

What does respect for food mean to you?

We maintain respectful treatment of all the products we use. We are in direct contact with many of our suppliers in order to use as effectively as possible, all food products.


Which Nesmuk knife is your favorite and why?

Janus chef's knife 180. Simple! Straightforward! Visually a grenade!

Why are good tools so important in your profession?

I am the pen, (Nesmuk) knives are the sword.

What inspires you?

Just everything around me. Every situation can inspire me in some way, you just have to recognize and appreciate the situation.

What makes Nesmuk knives different from others you've worked with before?

They are simply awesome knives. They are very good in the hand, balanced in weight and look outstanding. There is nothing more to say.


Pietsch and Zeitwerk

Awards in restaurant guides, such as the Guide Michelin with one star each for both restaurants, Schlemmer Atlas with XXX spoons, Varta Guide with 2 diamonds & Tip Kitchen, Gustomit 7 pans, as well as the Gault & Millau with 15 points and "Rising star of the year in things Anhalt. could Robin already erkochen. Among other things, magazines such as the Süddeutsche Zeitung, Die Zeit, Mitteldeutsche Zeitung, Stern, Welt or many local magazines reported positively about Robin Pietsch and his work in the restaurant.