Semi Hassine

Semi is a passionate cook. After his apprenticeship in Hattingen at Diergardts "Kühler Grund", he gained valuable experience with the living cooking legend Eckart Witzigmann in Düsseldorf, among others.

After that, the now 38-year-old cooked for a year in a gourmet restaurant in Kaprun, Austria. But the Hattinger by choice was drawn back to the Ruhr region: He signed on for another year at the Zeche Zollverein casino in Essen.

In 2008, Semi then ventured into self-employment and successfully ran a tennis gastronomy in Hattingen, but that was not enough for him: In 2011, he opened the current "Fachwerk" and looks back on 10 successful years in the anniversary year 2018!


Why did you become a chef?

"I just followed what I enjoyed 150% and that was cooking, even if it meant a lot of sweat, nerves and hard work. i.e. from the deepest passion and conviction."

What is the most beautiful thing about your job?

"The creative process from the initial product to the finished end result, as well as the sparkle in our guests' eyes that proves how happy people are with our end product

Also, seeing how a team made up of many different people become one big whole in restaurant operations and work in harmony."

How important is sustainability in upscale cuisine?

"In the often stressful daily routine, it is difficult for unskilled workers to focus on the issue of sustainability.

Certain behaviors creep in and become ingrained over years if you're not careful.

It is often the little things that help us to work and live healthier and more consciously.

In this respect, it is essential to deal with this topic again and again."

What does respect for food mean to you?

"In my opinion, respect for food is the absolute prerequisite for being a chef at all.

Getting the maximum out of food is one of the absolute duties in this responsible profession.

Of course, the ever-decreasing prices in the staple food industry make it even harder to develop respect for that.

Da gilt der alte Spruch > Wat nix kostet is auch nix < - stimmt leider und spiegelt den Grundgedanken der Wertigkeit.

When you value means to live, you handle them differently!"

Which Nesmuk knife is your favorite and why?

Exclusive C150 chef's knife, because it is the absolute madness. I do not own it yet, but was allowed to work with it once and since then I save.

Why are good tools so important in your profession?

"Because otherwise the work loses fun very quickly if you work with bad unsharp knives. Out of a 16-hour shift, you have the knife in your hand for about 10 hours, and if it's not reasonably finished, I'd go insane. Good craftsmanship is the basis for good craftsmanship with even better results."

What inspires you?

"The products we get to work with every day, the seasonal characteristics of food, and the cuisines of the world in all their diversity."

What makes Nesmuk knives different from others you've worked with before?

"The design, the feel, the sharpness, the position in the hand, the quality."



Friends, guests and employees know Semi as an open and authentic person who never lets a bad mood arise - even when things get stressful. Whether it's in staff management or in dealing with his guests: Semi combines the highest quality standards with great cordiality.