With his Grill Workshop, Sven Schurig offers seminars for ambitious amateur grillers and chefs. Quality and sustainability of the products used have the highest priority for him.
"Happy people produce, serve and act together in respectful sustainable harmony with flora, fauna & planet for a good now and a secure future for generations to come."


Why did you become a grill master &
meat sommelier?

"The magic of the fire and the great pleasure that comes with the experience has been one of my strongest emotions since I was a child. The profession of meat sommelier is a foundation for my creativity. You have to be knowledgeable to be able to deliver special services. Moreover, people have been meeting around the fire and enjoying together for thousands of years. This creates a future in shared enjoyment and must also make qualitative sense to me. So it was a logical consequence, so to speak, to develop from this a passion that deals more deeply with these issues and reflects my personal sense of values."



What is the most beautiful thing about your job?

"The fact that people come together who all have a goal, eat delicious food and get to know each other. It's incredibly exciting to find out very quickly what human values my counterpart has. If this is then crowned by happiness in the eyes of my guests, who then also become repeat offenders, I am proud of my day's work."



How important is sustainability to you as a
meat sommelier?

"That's a basic condition, because without this requirement you disappear into the masses of those who don't care at all, and then we're back to those who only want cheap and end up throwing away what was too much. I can handle that very badly and get a raised pulse. Sustainability includes serious and goal-oriented pre-planning up to the finish. That includes resource conservation, seasonality and the mindful provenance of my ingredients."


What does respect for food mean to you?

"Food is the basis of my work. If I use inferior products, I automatically desecrate my own work, because the end result just can not be as good as with optimal products. Therefore, I ask searchers on the Internet who only want to find the cheapest price to please keep surfing. I am not available for such things."



Which Nesmuk knife is your favorite and why?

I love them so much, that's why I have almost all of them.


Why are good tools so important in your profession?

"For me, it's all about wholeness. If I already have my standards for the ingredients, everything has to be right for me. From the food, to the grill machine, to the knife."


Where do you get your inspiration?

"First of all, I am inspired by my wife and, of course, our children. My wife is an incredibly creative and multi-layered personality who constantly surprises me. That spurs me on and she also gives me the necessary peace to develop new things. I am also inspired by nature itself and by being able to do what I have wanted to do since I was a child. If I can't be somewhere at the grill, I get nervous, but my wife always calms me down."


What makes Nesmuk knives different from others you've worked with before?

"I think it's the overall handling, because I come from Lusatia and there a word is a word. No messing around, but an announcement, just like the knives from Nesmuk. What I want to cut is cut, without ifs and buts. That feels great! What's more, working with these handcrafted masterpieces is a joy, because my mood improves abruptly when I unroll my knife bag and my friends who have become steel smile at me. Then I know that the day is my friend.

To this quickly told, because I was once booked in a wonderful outdoor kitchen for BBQ catering and should bring nothing but myself and my chef jacket. Hammer facility with outdoor pool and a top grill brand, which I also represent. But the knives were a horror. This will not happen to me again! I only exist with Nesmuk! So much for the difference."


Fire, flavor

Sven Schurig, CHEF- GRILLEUR of the upscale NEW BBQ with diploma as meat sommelier publishes in his BBQ reference book "FEUER - GESCHMACK- LEIDENSCHAFT" about the Randomhouse - Southwest publishing house in Munich, a subsidiary of the Bertelsmann Group, known for technical literature. In it it sets yardsticks for beginning Grillmeisterinnen & Grillmeister, advises and reveals its delicious prescriptions with 176 sides together with benefit pictures of concentrated Saxonia power on international level. The native of Lusatia always focuses on indispensable quality, which was already essential for him in his apprenticeship as a power plant mechanic and he expresses this also in his Preziosen of NESMUK.

These claims are quickly recognized when you discover the menage of different recipes and points of view for yourself. In it he likewise reflects the absolute respect to the food and puts the appreciation of the life pleasurably in first place. Even as an omnivore, this is not a contradiction for him, as this book profoundly proves.

A MUSTHAVE for anyone who owns a barbecue, intends to give a home to one of these steel species and also wants to rely on the high quality of NESMUK.

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