Genussloft by Nesmuk "The Wild North: Fine BBQ with Nils Jorra and Tobias Woggon"

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02.11.2023 | 18.30 h

Nesmuk GmbH & Co. KG
Burgstraße 101
42655 Solingen


Sourdough bread & salt butter

1st gear

Pacific rock oyster with beet and salmon roe

2nd gear 

Tartar of Coho Salmon from the apple smoke

3rd gear 

Grilled lettuce heart with miso cream, roasted onion ash and autumn truffle

4th gear

Veloute of smocked parsnip with grilled Weathervane scallop and bacon

5th gear

Gently cooked cedar plank black cod with dashi beurre blanc and wild cauliflower


Finnish heifer back grilled over beech wood with sherry nut butter sauce, spinach and sea buckthorn

7th gear

Tarte au chocolate with Brennivin, compote of wild blackberries and cream ice cream

Wine accompaniment

Genussloft by Nesmuk
"The Wild North": Fine BBQ with our respect ambassadors Nils Jorra and Tobias Woggon

Nils Jorra is Culinary Director at Big Green Egg and a trained chef. He learned the culinary trade from Joachim Wissler in Bensberg and Peter Maria Schnurr in Leipzig, among others. In addition, he has led the product and recipe forge of one of the largest online meat retailers for 6 years. He is also the author of the book "On Fire" and one of the authors of the book "Burger Unser".


Tobias Woggon travels the world on his mountain bike and hosts multimedia shows throughout Europe where he talks about his travels.
We invite you on an exciting, culinary journey to the north of Europe. Tobias Woggon's shows are not just simple illustrated lectures about his travels, but a fusion of stories, images and flavors that captivate the audience with all their senses. He brings dishes to the table inspired by the faraway places he has traveled.

Enjoy a top-class menu in the special atmosphere of the Nesmuk Manufaktur and get up close and personal with our Nesmuk Respect Ambassadors. The Genussloft brings together people who care about quality, dialogue and enjoyment.

Experience our
manufactory up close and personal

In addition to an exciting evening in our Genussloft, we offer exclusive insights into the forging process of our damask knives.

From fire welding and forging, hardening, tempering and grinding the hollow grind to assembling the handle. The production of a Nesmuk EXKLUSIV knife takes almost four dozen steps. The result is exceptional sharpness.