Genussloft by Nesmuk with Boris Rommel

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22.04.2024 | 18.30 h

Nesmuk GmbH & Co. KG
Burgstraße 101
42655 Solingen

For all those who appreciate exquisite culinary delights, we present another star hour in our manufactory: an evening with star chef Boris Rommel** - Nesmuk pleasure ambassador.



Lachstatar, Balsamico, Dill

1. Gang
Gänseleber Gugelhupf
Rote Beete und Portwein

2. Gang
Cremiges Risotto
Grüner Spargel, Bärlauch und Belperknolle

3. Gang
Beure blanc, Kaviar und Sellerie-Spinat

4. Gang
Kalbsfilet im Tramezzini-Mantel

Madeirajus und zweierlei Karotte

Mandarine, Champagner und reife Schokolade

Wine accompaniment
Factory tour

Genussloft by Nesmuk
with our pleasure ambassador
Boris Rommel**

Two-star chef Boris Rommel, kitchen director at the 5* Superior Hideaway Wald & Schlosshotel Friedrichsruhe, has made a name for himself in the culinary world by masterfully combining the art of classic French haute cuisine with regional products and presenting them in outstanding contemporary sophistication.

Boris Rommel also provides fascinating insights into his kitchen art in his book "Kochen ist Leben: Between Art and Craft" and in television programs such as the ARD documentary: "Am Pass - Geschichten aus der Spitzenküche".


Enjoy a top-class menu in the special atmosphere of the Nesmuk Manufaktur and get up close and personal with our Nesmuk Respect Ambassadors. The Genussloft brings together people who care about quality, dialogue and enjoyment.

Experience our
manufactory up close and personal

In addition to an exciting evening in our Genussloft, we offer exclusive insights into the forging process of our damask knives.

From fire welding and forging, hardening, tempering and grinding the hollow grind to assembling the handle. The production of a Nesmuk EXKLUSIV knife takes almost four dozen steps. The result is exceptional sharpness.