UNIKAT U29 C150 chef's knife 5,633 layers

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Blade: 180 mm, hand-forged wild damascus, 5,633 layers, 65 HRC, hollow ground on both sides, NPC coating
Ferrules: Stainless steel high gloss polished
Included: Nesmuk leather sheath, Nesmuk strop, high quality matte black box, certificate of authenticity

Note: The blade of the UNIKATS is available in all listed handle materials. Please let us know your preference in the order note. 

Delivery time: 1 - 3 working days

Handle variant: Wuesten ironwood

Forging art in 5,633 layers of Damascus steel

Nesmuk manufactures the Damascus steels of the EXCLUSIVE series and the UNIKATE series itself. This is how we achieve the best material quality for unsurpassed sharpness and durability. Dozens of work steps and many years of experience are necessary to be able to complete such a knife.


Cutting layer made of finest carbon steel

We harden our damask knives to up to 65 HRC. The cutting layer made of a tungsten/carbon steel guarantees extreme sharpness and durability.

Everything 100% handmade - like 2,500 years ago

The ancient technique of fire welding is all the beginning of our EXCLUSIVE knife blades. The knowledge and skills of our employees enable the highest quality in perfection. For an outstanding performance that is always different in appearance. Our know-how for complex unique patterns needed more than two decades and a lot of practice. - Hollow grinding and subsequent work also require a lot of experience.

Precision and dedication are prerequisites for our craft.


cutting performance

Hardly any effort is required for cutting due to a particularly narrow blade. - The hollow grind on both sides offers just that and more. The ground facet facilitates the release of the cut from the blade and it also simply looks good. In terms of craftsmanship, the hollow grind is very demanding, requiring skill and a steady hand. Only the best knifemakers perform this work in the Nesmuk Manufacture.

The etching of the blade

Everything must be perfect. - For the damask pattern to shine brilliantly, it needs the right preparation. Each blade is painstakingly polished by hand to a mirror finish. This is followed by a bath in acid, in which the steels used react to varying degrees, revealing the forged pattern. - One of the most beautiful moments in the making of a Damascus steel blade.


Blade trigger

The sharpening, or the honing of the blade, is the final step in the production of our jewelry. Here, too, only experienced employees lend a hand. The result is razor sharp and more, even longitudinally you can split hair with the knives from Nesmuk EXCLUSIVE.


Protective shield
thanks to Nesmuk Protective Coating

The sharpest blades rust.

Why is that? - Steel without chrome offers a finer structure than steel with the label "stainless steel" (chrome steel) and this fine structure is also found on the cutting edge. - Sharper without chrome!

For this reason, only the highest performance "carbon steels" (without chrome) are used for our Nesmuk EXCLUSIVE knives.

To ensure that our blades do not rust despite this, we have developed a glass-like coating together with a Fraunhofer Institute (ICT) - NPC.

Quality knows no compromise.

*The cutting bevel of the blade is not coated.

Certified quality
made in Germany

Das traditionelle Messermacherhandwerk und die Kunst des Feuerschweißens ist Ursprung und Kern von Nesmuk. Höchste Präzision und Qualität sind unser Markenzeichen. Unsere Einzelstücke sind Ausdruck für unser Streben nach Perfektion und Schönheit. Besonderes Augenmerk legen wir auf die Beständigkeit unserer Produkte. Ein hochwertiges Messer zu schmieden, bedarf einer großen Erfahrung und eines geschulten Blickes. Neben dieser Fähigkeit ist die Verarbeitung von hochwertigem Material entscheidend für das Endergebnis des Messers. Unsere Materialien werden sorgfältig ausgesucht, um jedes Messer widerstandsfähig und langlebig zu machen. 


Technical data

Blade: 180 mm, hand-forged wild damascus, 5,633 layers, 65 HRC, hollow ground on both sides, NPC coating
Ferrule: stainless steel high gloss polished
Includes: Nesmuk leather sheath, Nesmuk strop, high-quality matte black casket, certificate of authenticity

Care instructions

Hand-forged damask knives usually require extensive care to prevent them from rusting. All Nesmuk EXCLUSIVE knives are finished with the exclusive NPC coating (Nesmuk Protective Coating). NPC is a silicon coating only a few micrometers thick, which is applied using microwave-generated plasmas and permanently preserves the blade. The seeming end of the knife is not coated and can therefore tarnish and, if not cared for, rust. Therefore, do not leave your Nesmuk EXKLUSIV in liquids for too long. Rinse and dry your knife after use.
We recommend regularly sharpening the edge with a suitable, fine sharpener such as the Nesmuk strop. This maintains the sharpness and protects against tarnishing or rusting of the edge. We recommend maintaining the blade from time to time with an acid-free oil, such as our camellia oil.

Customer service

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Handle materials

Ergonomic and solid handles for fatigue-free work: The design of the Nesmuk handle is as aesthetic as it is practical. For the wooden handles, Nesmuk uses only the best, often hand-picked pieces of exquisite quality and certified origin. In addition, Nesmuk offers two high-tech plastics, Juma and Micarta.


We need to be constantly aware of what ecologically sustainable and ethically correct agriculture and the food industry should look like, and politicians and civil society need to act accordingly. Nesmuk would like to make a contribution in this direction together with the Respect Ambassadors of our campaign by showing examples of sufficent management and the respectful treatment of plants and animals. Here you can find out more.